Title: 09-19
Artist: Mick Chillage

Serial: fe0
Limitation: 150 Boxsets
Released: December 2019 (PRE-ORDER NOW)

The Box-set runs in sequence of each release respectively and showcases a body of work which defines Mick as an artist who constantly morphs his vision of ambient experimental music with each new release, yet manages to create a sound that is truly unique and identifiable with a deep sense of musicality that makes Mick’s music memorable, emotional and embodies a timeless quality that demands repeated listens.

25 cd Boxet.Limited to 150 hand numbered copies

Title: Understanding Holy Ghosts
Artist: Moss Garden

Serial: fe012
Limitation: 150 CD's in 4 panel dvd digipak
Released: September 2019 (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Moss Garden presumably acts as more than just nomenclatural inspiration for the gauzy veils of sound infused with exotic sonic tints wafting humidly over dense shifting undergrowth on these pieces. Opener “No Prayers for the Mosquito” has occluded strings redolent of old Roach/Stearns spaces fan out before a little glitch switch is thrown–a subtle jolt prefiguring further rhythmic feints and tilts as the set proceeds. Setting out serene, “Overlooking Oceans” is obliquely tripped in Dub-techno tropes come loose from their genre template–a tidal ebb-flow flecked with liminal synth motifs and spectral melody. “Ritual Solitaire” continues with remade dub-tech timbres and chords in suspension. Shades of the pristine ambient spring of the ’90s are tinged with a grainier autumnal strain, discoloured by a decade (and a half) of post-digital detritus. Dub eddies again on “Structures Of Patience,” like a reterritorialization from Loscil‘s blurred and unresolved repertoire, hints of Delay in its metallic sonorities. “The Fabric Of Sentinel” is a lush harkback to the 90s–dub dismissed, tension released; peace, harmony, remote flute–intimations of New Age sublimated. Mastering by Chihei Hatakeyama seems to favour a saturated cassette-bound sound with hiss bliss smeared over drone depth.

Title: Radio Not
Artist: Ambidextrous

Serial: fe011
Limitation: 150 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: August 2019 (PRE-ORDER NOW)

One day I was sitting in a café drinking my coffee and listening to some background music playing. The music was coming from a digital source and due to poor connection, the sound was stopping occasionally and then resuming after a short pause. One of those pauses came right in the middle of a Fugees song and this "glitch machine" turned "Ready or Not" into "Radio… Not". "Okay", I thought, "this could be a cool title for a radio station. But what kind of music should it play? It should obviously be something that a real Russian FM station cannot play in prime time in 2010s". Finally, I came to the idea of a "broadcast from a parallel world", like in the middle of a sleepless night you tuned to a non-existent station playing ambient techno and telling stories about music and space exploration.

Title: Autumn Of Communion
Artist: Amalgamation by Sven Kössler & Si Matthews

Serial: fe010
Limitation: 150 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: August 2019 (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Electronic music’s new dreamteam Sven Kössler & Si Matthews drew inspiration from a vast catalogue of over 100 tracks by IDMs supergroup Autumn of Communion, merging them into something so unique that the term "remix album" would be as fitting as to call the Mona Lisa "a selfie".

Stripping the original tracks down to the smallest seeds and re-growing them in a completely new environment leads to worlds one could never have imagined before.

The result is yet another great album by two true emotional technologists, infected with the the well-known DNA of Autumn of Communion.

Title: Decoding Signals
Artist: Si Matthews

Serial: fe009
Limitation: 150 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: July 2019

Si Matthews debut solo album for Fantasy Enhancing converts coded messages into intelligible electronic music.Decoding Signals gives humans the ability to recognize familiar sounds quickly and to figure out waveforms they might have not heard before.

Title: Zosimus Alchemista
Artist: Autumn Of Communion

Serial: fe008
Limitation: 150 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: June 2019

Mick Chillage and Lee Norris come together as Autumn Of Communion. Between them, their music stretches into the deepest roots of modern ambient music.

Zosimus Alchemista the type of music that breaks down boundaries and epitomizes the true early 90's ambient sound and arguably, Autumn Of Communion is the purest distillation of their combined work.

Title: MOD02-03
Artist: MO-DU

Serial: fe007
Limitation: 100 2 X CD in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: May 2019

MO-DU is Jan Jiskra.

"With any type of creation you create what's inside of you, subconsciously that influences you.

Anything that take you off into another world, escapism, thats what I like. I'm not so crazy about the reality of everything. I like a lot of fantasy, and that's what I try to create, to get away, to become moved

Title: Currents of Space
Artist: Urban Meditation

Serial: fe006
Limitation: 150 2 X CD in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: April 2019

New Year’s resolution no 1: continue meditating!

After the highly acclaimed 2018 debut album "20 Years in Space", mysterious music maker Urban Meditation joins Fantasy Enhancing with a full load of new chants to guide your savasana. "Currents of Space" picks up where the debut album left you and provides two full CDs of beat-infected electronica, side-by-side with almost infinite soundscapes that carry you on a mental journey though time and space.

Hitch a ride on Juno, take a tour of Jupiter and witness what no human has ever experienced – surf on waves of clouds, glide on a jet stream, and touch the diamond heart of this majestic gas giant. Unfurl a sail, catch the solar wind, journey into the deep unknown. Whilst drifting on the currents of space, look back at our pale blue dot, lapping at the shores of the cosmos, and know – if we so choose, this is a slice of paradise.

Urban Meditation have used the time wisely to refine their skills and yet push their boundaries even further in endless space.

Title: A Constant State Of Flow
Artist: Sven Kössler and Si Matthews

Serial: fe005
Limitation: 150 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: March 2019

All aboard! In their debut collaboration, up and coming German musician Sven Kössler and highly acclaimed UK artist Si Matthews join forces to set you on a futuristic audio cruise. Melodies and counter melodies are the order of the day whilst you visit various ports of call throughout your journey. Setting sail with euphoric, beat driven pieces of electronic music that will stick in your memory long after they’ve finished, playing with the sounds of the changing tides before setting the acoustical ambience for discovering long lost places like the floating hills of Atlantis. As with all good voyages, the final sunset leaves you with a comfortable feeling of nostalgia, longing for the next trip with these two captains at the helm.
A virtual cruise that is about to put you in "A Constant State Of Flow" - as it did with the two musicians while putting this timeless piece of music together

Title: Elements
Artist: Ishqamatics

Serial: fe004
Limitation: 150 boxsets x 8 CD's
Released: January 2019

Elements represents the total output of Ishqamatics and brings the project to a conclusion as a series of musical works. Elements includes the first 3 albums 'Earthbound, Spacebound and Waterbound and completes the series with 4 totally new albums including Firebound and Airbound. The material included in the box set is not available anywhere else and is unique to Elements. Packaging and design by Nick Edell and masted by Black Particle. Limited edition of 150 boxes but above all brings together an amazing collection of music which will serve the electronica and ambient music lover a lifetime. In total 8 cd's of unique elemental musical experimentation which climbs into the higher elemental landscape and dives deep into the imagination of the composers. Elements can be viewed as a map of innerspace and as with so many great musical works a world of its very own.

Title: Intervals of Light
Artist: Mick Chillage

Serial: fe003
Limitation: 150 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: December 2018

Mick Chillage returns and this time it's his first album for Fantasy Enhancing.Subtle ambient textures drift all over this beautiful offering from Mick. Deep soundscapes shift like moonlight as shadows in darkness crawl across a lost landscape. Occasionally there's a sense of melodic comfort, like being cocooned in the warm atmosphere of your own home while some moments invite you to venture outside to witness the nocturnal activities of a vast darkness.As always Mick Chillage graces us with beauty.

Individually numbered limited edition of 150 cd's in a 3 panel dvd digipak.

Title: Echoes Of Silence
Artist: Ambidextrous

Serial: fe002
Limitation: 150 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: November 2018

Over the last few years Ambidextrous has been working mostly on ambient or ambient techno music, but IDM has always been his "first language", so making this record was like a comeback to home grounds, a fun and easy journey. It started in early 2016 with two or three tracks that became key part of his live show but soon a brief experiment evolved into a full-length record. Adding more beats to sound texture was a good opportunity to play around with odd time signatures. Nick was also trying to put together digital glitchy IDM sound and the 70s space / sci-fi feel. The ideas of science, technology and progress (or "научно-технический прогресс" in Russian) were highly motivating for Nick as a child, and electronic music (a frequent soundtrack for movies or educational TV programs in late USSR) was a perfect implementation of this concept.

Title: Reservoir Of Video Souls
Artist: Autumn of Communion

Serial: fe001
Limitation: 200 CD's in 3 panel dvd digipak
Released: August 2018

Autumn Of Communion return with a new album titled Reservoir Of Video Souls shortly after the release of their massive "Streams" CD Box set. Setting out with a fresh sonic trajectory where organically formed musical passages forge and mutate effortlessly with sequenced synth jams and experimental polyrhythmic grooves taking their expansive range of influences and idiosyncratic trademarks to new astronomical spheres.

Limited edition of 200 cd's in a 3 panel dvd digipak.


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